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Configuration in Übercart

1. Information on the payment in Übercart

Find information on your order in Drupal/Übercart via the menu Store -> View orders

See example below (click for larger image).

Here you’ll find the following information:

  • Transaction ID
  • Currency code
  • Payment date
  • Fraud Fighter notifications
  • Amount
  • Type of card

You’ll also find a link to your ePay administration where you can process the payment. The payment has the same order and transaction number is ePay and Drupal/Übercart.

2. Settings

Find the settings for the ePay module in Store -> Configuration -> Payment methods. Choose ‘Settings’ by the module.

Merchant number

The merchant number which you received from ePay. You can find your merchant number in the ePay administration in the menu Settings -> Payment system.

ePay integration mode

Define how the payment window opens. Choose between overlay (a window that opens on top of your website) or full screen. We recommend overlay so your customer can see your store’s layout behind the payment window.

Window ID

Choose which version of the payment window to use: You can create different versions from the ePay administration via the menu Settings -> Payment window. Use this to set up e.g. different texts for foreign customers, different payment card logos, or different settings for transaction fees. 

Secret word for MD5 security

If you’ve activated MD5 in ePay, you have to enter your key here (the same key you entered in your ePay administration in Settings -> Payment system). The keys must be identical in the two systems.

Move the payment to a specific group

You can divide your payments into different groups and limit your ePay users’ access to specific groups. A group is a name/string. Leave the field empty if you don’t want to use groups (default).

Send an email as the payment is made

Enter an email address here to receive an email every time a payment is completed. You can separate addresses with a semicolon (;) if you have multiple recipients. Leave the field empty if you don’t want to use this service.

Capture the payments as they are made

By enabling this setting, the payment is captured immediately. You can only use instant capture if the customers receive their products immediately, too (for instance downloads or services). If you use instant capture, you don’t have to log in to the ePay administration to capture the payment.

Use own receipt

Direct your customers to your own confirmation page in Übercart after completed payment. 

Order currency type

Define the currency of the payment.

ePay window language type

Set the language of the payment window.